Commuter Bundle - X1 and CORE Flex

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If you’re looking to keep your bike secure when it’s left unattended whilst you’re at work, our commuter bundle is for you. We’ve paired our angle grinder resistant LITELOK X1 with our flexible LITELOK Core Flex to offer a highly secure bundle for those looking for the best lock for commuters.

LITELOK Core Flex can be worn whilst riding and LITELOK X1 can be mounted to your frame freeing up space in your bag for the things you need for work. Whether you’re commuting to work or university, our commuter bundle is lightweight, highly secure and easy to transport making it the ideal combination for high-risk areas.

  • LITELOK Core Flex can be worn with our Universal Wearable Kit
  • LITELOK Core Flex is Sold Secure Bicycle Gold and X1 is Sold Secure Diamond rated
  • The commuter bundle is ideal for all bikes and e-bikes
  • LITELOK X1 and Core Flex both weigh only 1.7kg

Please note: Any discounts shown on bundle products are on the non-X1 item.

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