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What’s the difference between Litelok Gold and Litelok Silver?

Our (original) Litelok Gold is the lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold range available and is targeted at urban commuters and cyclists who need high security. Our Litelok Silver range is even lighter, more flexible, and being Sold Secure Silver rated, it still offers a good level of security. It is suitable for all ages and cyclists. Litelok Silver comes in two variations, either a naturally rounded shape (Litelok Silver Flexi-O) or in the shape of a traditional U lock (Litelok Silver Flexi-U), meaning you don’t need as much effort to close the lock. We are constantly growing our range of locks, so that we can offer the right lock to the right cyclist and situation. The two ranges are designed to complement each other.

Can I purchase multiple Liteloks that operate from the same set of Keys?

Our Litelok Twins can be operated from the same set of keys. However, if you want 3 or more Liteloks, or 2 Litelok Gold Wearables to operate from the same set of keys then please add the following note on the cart page: “Please key alike all locks in this order” It is worth noting that because this would be a custom order, there is a lead time of 7 working days and we would be unable to accept returns or issue refunds as a consequence.

How do I lock my bike with a Litelok?

We would always recommend that you use your Litelok to secure your back wheel and frame to a fixed, immovable object. Ideally use a Litelok to secure the front wheel too. Keep your Liteloks off the ground and always check your locks before leaving your bike. If you are using a Litelok Gold Wearable, please make sure that the lockstopper isn’t around the lock, as this will stop it from locking.

What are Liteloks made from?

Litelok’s strap is made from a patented composite material called Boaflexicore. It consists of multiple components, including hundreds of strands of high tensile steel. These allow Boaflexicore to be strong, yet flexible. The lock housing is made from virtually indestructible hardened steel with drill resistant, marine grade stainless steel rivets.

You can find out more about Boaflexicore here

Have your locks been independently tested?

All of our products are insurance rated and tested by independent UK anti-theft agency Sold Secure, which is owned by the Master Locksmiths Association. They are experts when it comes to testing the security of bicycle locks and use a variety of tools and methods that are common in real-life bike theft. Because of their respected reputation as experts in their field, a Sold Secure rating is used (and often required) by many insurers.

Our Litelok Gold and Litelok Moto range are both rated Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold and our Litelok Silver range has been rated Sold Secure Silver.

Our Litelok Silver range has also been rated ART2, by the Netherlands based testing house.

Do I still need bicycle insurance?

We would always recommend bicycle insurance to any cyclist. All bike locks are a deterrent and none are unbreakable. Many bike insurers will insist you use a Sold Secure rated bike lock in order to be covered. This is because they are deemed very secure and difficult to defeat.

We don’t offer bicycle insurance, however we have introduced a Theft Protection Policy, meaning that we will replace your stolen bike if secured with a Litelok to an immovable object (subject to additional T&Cs). You can learn more about our Theft Protection Policy here.

Will Liteloks scratch my bike?

If you correctly attach your Litelok to your bike with the supplied WrapStrapa then it will not scratch your bike. When securing a Litelok SIlver, make sure the metal casing isn’t touching the bike frame. You can see how to correctly attach your WrapStraps in the video below

If I’ve lost my keys, can they be replaced?

Yes they can be replaced. Each set of keys come with a key number and if you know the key number then we will be able to replace your keys.

It costs:
£10 for 1 Litelok Gold Key
£10 for 2 Litelok Silver keys.

If you would like to purchase new keys then please e-mail us at

Can I get new keys cut?

Yes. If you wish to get more keys cut then a local keycutter will be able to do this for you. However, they do need to have the ability to perform angled cuts. We know certain chain stores are unable to perform this, but many independent keycutters can.

Litelok Gold

How do I open and close a Litelok Gold?

What are the differences between a Litelok Gold and a Litelok Gold Wearable?

The main difference between the Litelok Gold and Litelok Gold Wearable is length. Litelok Gold Wearable gives you three length options so you can pick the size that fits you best. It also comes with a lockstopper, allowing you to secure the lock around your waist without it locking.

What is the length of a Litelok Gold?

Our Original Litelok Gold has a length of 74 cm (29 in)

Our Wearable versions come in three different sizes:

Length - 92.5cm (36.4in)
Locking Circumference - 88.5cm (34.8in)

Length - 100cm (39.3in)
Locking Circumference - 96.5cm (37.9in

Length - 107.5cm (42.3in)
Locking Circumference - 103.5cm (40.7in)

All have a width of 5cm (1.9 in) at the strap and 6.5 cm (2.5 in) at the widest part of the lock.

How much does a Litelok Gold weigh?

Our Original Litelok Gold weighs 1.1 kg (2.4 lb).

Our Wearable versions weigh:
Small - 1.31 kg (2.88 lb)
Medium - 1.40 kg (3.08 lb)
Large - 1.46 kg (3.21 lb)

How do I know what size Litelok Gold Wearable will fit?

Please see our Sizing guide below. The sizes relate to trouser size, if you are inbetween sizes then we would recommend going for the larger size.

Litelok Size Men (UK) Men (EU) Women (UK) Women (EU)
Small 30 - 32 46 - 48 8 - 12 36 - 40
Medium 32 - 34 48 - 50 12 - 14 40 - 42
Large 34 - 38 50 - 54 14 - 16 42 - 44

Litelok Silver

How do I open and close a Litelok Silver?

Opening and closing a Litelok Silver is very easy. To open, insert the key and turn it 180 degrees clockwise. Then take hold of the lock on either side of the lock housing, and slide the left side up. This will open the lock. To lock it, simply do the opposite. Slide the left side down into the lock casing and turn the key 180 degrees anti-clockwise.

What are the differences between a Litelok Silver Flexi-O and a Litelok Silver Flexi-U?

The only difference is shape. The Litelok Silver Flexi-O’s natural shape is curved, whereas the Litelok SIlver Flexi-U is formed in a more traditional U/D-Lock style.

What is the length of a Litelok Silver?

The Litelok Silver Flexi-O is available in three different sizes.

Litelok Silver 52
Locking Circumference - 52 cm (20.5 in)
Diameter - 18 cm (7.1 in)

Litelok Silver 70
Locking Circumference - 70 cm (27.5 in)
Diameter - 23.5 cm (9.3 in)

Litelok Silver 85
Locking Circumference - 85 cm (33.5 in)
Diameter - 28 cm (110 in)

The Litelok Silver Flexi-U is available in two different sizes

Locking Circumference - 52 cm (20.5 in)
Internal length - 19 cm (7.5 in)
Internal width - 10 cm (3.9 in)

Locking Circumference - 70 cm (27.5 in)
Internal length - 27 cm (10.6 in)
Internal width - 11.5 cm (4.5 in)

All Litelok Silver locks have a strap width of 3.5 cm

How much does a Litelok Silver weigh?

Our Litelok Silver Flexi-Os are available in three different sizes and weights:

Litelok Silver 52 - 641g (1.4 lb)
Litelok Silver 70 - 750g (1.6 lb)
Litelok Silver 85 - 843g (1.8 lb)

Our Litelok Silver Flexi-Us are available in two different sizes and weights:

Regular - 641g (1.4 lb)
Large - 750g (1.6 lb)

Are Litelok Silver’s wearable?

Our Litelok Silver Flexi-Os are wearable. You can purchase an additional adjustable wearable kit, allowing you to comfortably wear the lock around your hips/waist.

Unfortunately our Litelok Silver Flexi-Us aren’t designed to be wearable.

How do I attach my Litelok Silver Flexi-O Wearable kit?

How do I know what size Litelok Flexi-O Silver will fit around my waist?

Here is a wearable guide:
Men's Trouser Size
Silver 52 Max 32 Max 48
Silver 70 Min 30, Max 34 Min 46, Max 50
Silver 85 Min 32, Max 40 Min 48, Max 56
Women's Trouser Size
Silver 52 Max 8 Max 36
Silver 70 Min 6, Max 14 Min 34, Max 42
Silver 85 Min 10, Max 18 Min 38, Max 46

Litelok Moto

What’s the difference between Litelok Moto and Litelok Gold?

Both Litelok Gold and Litelok Moto are made from the same patented Boaflexicore technology and are rated Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold by Britain's leading security testing facility, Sold Secure. Litelok Moto is longer than our original Litelok Gold range and comes with two reflective neoprene skins for increased visibility. These are available in both black and red.

What is the length of a Litelok Moto?

This is the length of the Litelok Moto 108:
Length - 107.5cm (42.3in)
Locking Circumference - 103.5cm (40.7in)

How much does a Litelok Moto weigh?

A Litelok Moto 108 weighs 1.46 kg (3.21 lb).

Is it a portable bike lock or for all-round use?

Our Litelok Moto locks are designed to be high-security, portable bike locks. Weighing only 1.46 kg, they are considerably lighter than security-rated equivalent chain locks, making them much easier to take on your bike rides.


How do I attach the WrapStraps to my bike?

Are the Litelok Skins Machine washable?

Yes they are machine washable. We would recommend putting them on a delicates wash of 30 degrees.

Litelok Theft Protection

Is Theft Protection bike insurance?

Theft Protection isn’t bicycle insurance. It is a form of Theft Protection cover that does cover you for the theft of your bike providing the Terms & Conditions have been met.

You can read the terms and conditions here

Can I purchase Litelok Theft Protection separately?

Yes. If you have bought a Litelok from a bicycle store, or through our website previously, then you are still able to purchase Litelok Theft Protection. You will be asked to provide proof of purchase for your Litelok (uploading a photo of a receipt), as well as a time stamped photograph of both your Bike and Litelok together.

You can purchase Theft Protection by clicking here

Can Theft Protection be renewed annually?

Litelok Theft Protection doesn’t renew automatically. Towards the end of your coverage, you will be e-mailed with a reminder that your Theft Protection will soon expire, and you will be given the option to purchase another year’s worth of cover.

Please note that Theft Protection prices are reviewed annually and so they may be different from the first time you purchased.

Do I have to take a photograph everytime I lock my bike?

We strongly advise you to take a photograph every time you lock your bike. If you ever have to make a claim then this will be used as proof showing you locked your bike with a Litelok to an immovable object. Although we advise this, it isn't compulsory, and as long as you meet all the Terms & Conditions then you will still be covered without a photograph.

Am I still covered if the thieves also steal my Litelok?

Having the broken Litelok isn't a requirement with this policy. We understand that often locks are taken by thieves at times. We do advise that you take a photograph everytime you secure your bike with your Litelok. This can act as additional proof as a photograph taken digitally will contain the date and time within the metadata, so even if thieves take your Litelok, you have proof that it was used.

If the bike stand is cut and my bike stolen, will I be covered?

It states in our terms and conditions that your bike must be secured through the frame and at least 1 wheel by your Litelok to an immovable object that would require heavy-duty tools to cut through, for example, a Sheffield Stand. If this is the case then you would be covered under Litelok Theft Protection if the stand is cut and your bike is taken. Objects such as wooden benches don't classify as immovable objects as they are quite easy to cut through.

How do I make a Litelok Theft Protection claim?

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a Theft Protection claim, please click this link and follow the instructions. Yellow Jersey will process your claim and respond as soon as they possibly can.

Is Theft Protection available for Moto locks?

Unfortunately not. Litelok Theft Protection is a group policy with Bicycle Insurers Yellow Jersey and doesn’t cover motorcycles which generally require their own insurance against theft and damage to be road legal.

Does Theft Protection cover my scooter?

Unfortunately not. Litelok Theft Protection is a group policy with Bicycle Insurers Yellow Jersey and they have stated that this doesn’t cover scooters.

Does Theft Protection cover me globally

Yes. Theft Protection is available world wide and will cover you when travelling to other countries.

Does Theft Protection cover me if my bike is secured to my vehicle?

Unfortunately not. In order for you to be covered your bike needs to be secured through one wheel and the frame, by a Litelok, to an immovable object.


What is Boaflexicore?

Boaflexicore is a composite material containing a high tensile alloy and polymer matrix. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

Can Liteloks withstand Twisting Attacks?

It’s almost impossible to break a Litelok through twisting it with a tool like a crowbar or a tire iron. In fact it could cause serious injury to anyone who tries. Both Litelok Gold and Litelok Silver are made of Boaflexicore material and have incredible resistance to torsion attacks. It could actually cause serious injury to anyone who tries it on a lock that hasn't been tampered with. This is because as you turn the crowbar energy builds up within the tensioned Boaflexicore material which coils and could spring back and unwind rather violently if you let go.

The below video compares the Litelok Silver Flexi-U to an equally security rated D-lock in a torsion machine specially developed with Swansea University College of Engineering (Prof Stephen Brown - Head of Engineering, Prof Nick Lavery, and Dr Adam Philo).

Can Liteloks withstand Bolt Cropper Attacks?

Litelok has category leading resistance against bolt croppers because Boaflexicore is tough & flexible but not brittle. The components of the material are non-contiguous. Bicycle thieves using bolt croppers will usually attempt to break a lock by creating a nick which turns into a crack because the metal is contiguous – it consists of an uninterrupted series of atoms. Boaflexicore was made so that it spreads and squashes by placing more material in front of the cut so that it can't be cut. We have many examples of attempted thefts which appear to be made with bolt croppers and which have been foiled by our material’s construction.

Can Litelok withstand Fire Attacks?

Liteloks can withstand attacks from a flame torch for a substantial amount of time. The thief would probably give up trying with a flame torch before breaking through a Litelok. This is because if a thief attacks a Litelok with a flame it gives off plumes of toxic smoke, which would be incredibly dangerous to the thief.

However, using a flame is not a common technique to break locks and steal bikes.

Can Litelok withstand Angle Grinder Attacks?

Unfortunately no bike lock is able to withstand constant attack from an angle grinder. This is one of the reasons we launched Litelok Theft Protection, where we will replace your stolen bike if secured with a Litelok (subject to T&Cs)

You can learn more about Litelok Theft Protection by clicking here

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