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For ultimate peace of mind you can purchase Litelok Theft Protection. Powered by Yellow Jersey Bicycle Insurance, we will replace your stolen bike if it's been secured with a Litelok (subject to T&Cs). Use the table below to calculate the level of cover required for you and your bicycle.

Litelok | Dollar Silver* Silver* Silver* Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold
Bike Value < $675 < $1,350 < $2,025 < $1,350 < $2,700 < $4,050 < $5,400 < $6,750
Annual Fee** $41 $68 $81 $68 $88 $108 $128 $142
Litelok | Pound Bike Value Annual Fee**
Silver* < $675 $41
Silver* < $1,350 $68
Silver* < $2,025 $81
Gold < $1,350 $68
Gold < $2,700 $88
Gold < $4,050 $108
Gold < $5,400 $128
Gold < $6,750 $142

*NB Registered Litelok Silver customers will be required to pay the first £100 of any claim (subject to local exchange rate)

**Includes $10 admin fee.

Terms and conditions

How to value your bike

  • We define value as the price you paid in USD to purchase a new or second hand pedal cycle including the sum of any parts which you purchased and which form part of your pedal cycle (including taxes applicable).
  • For vintage or antique pedal cycles, which are of particular worth due to their age, style or collectability, value is the sum shown in any valuation you provide, provided that such valuation is less than three years old and has been provided by a vintage cycle retailer or other suitably qualified valuation expert.
  • For custom builds, value is the price paid for the sum of the parts excluding labour costs.

What Litelok will cover you for:

  • Theft of your bicycle (including e-bikes)
    • if it is locked using your Litelok and,
    • you have complied with our security requirements and,
    • you have purchased our Theft Protection and,
    • your bicycle’s value is less than, or equal to, the value of our Theft Protection you purchased.
  • One claim only per year following the purchase of our Theft Protection
  • Whilst adhering to our security criteria, your Theft Protection can guarantee you against theft for one bicycle at any one time.

Where Litelok will cover you:

  • Worldwide

What Litelok will NOT cover you for:

  • The first $135 of any theft claim when using a Litelok Silver Lock
  • Theft of your bicycle if you have not complied with our security requirements
  • Theft of your bicycle if its value is greater than the level of cover purchased in our Theft Protection
  • Any claim for a bicycle which you do not own
  • Any claim if you cannot provide proof of ownership of your bicycle
  • Accidental damage or malicious damage of your bicycle
  • Any claim if your bicycle has not been used in accordance with local laws
  • Any act of fraud or dishonesty by you or anyone acting on your behalf
  • Theft of your bicycle whilst in or on a motor vehicle
  • Theft, damage or malicious damage to clothing, helmets or any other part of the bicycle that is not integral to the use of the bicycle (e.g. bike computer)
  • Theft of wheels and/or power meter devices unless the bicycle itself is stolen having complied with our security requirements
  • Any liability associated with the usage or ownership of either your bicycle or Litelok
  • Accidental damage sustained to your bicycle in transit
  • Gradual wear and tear, cosmetic damage, mechanical or electric breakdown, defect or malfunction of your bicycle
  • Any costs incurred due to your failure to maintain the bicycle in a roadworthy manner
  • The cost of a replacement Litelok following a (successful or attempted) theft
  • Natural disasters.


Within your Residence:

1. The bicycle must be secured through the frame and at least 1 wheel by your Litelok to an immovable object within the residence.

Outside your Residence:

Theft of the bicycle away from the Residence shall only be covered in circumstances where:

2. The bicycle is left unattended for a period less than 12 consecutive hours and secured to an immovable object by your Litelok through the frame and at least 1 wheel and any access to the bicycle is affected by forcible and violent entry.

3. Where possible, a time stamped photo is provided demonstrating you have adhered to Security Requirement 2.


In order to prevent and detect fraud we draw to your attention in accordance with Data Protection Legislation, to the fact that Yellow Jersey may at any time record and monitor telephone calls for the purpose of detecting fraud & deception. They may also pass your details through any number of data sharing/fraud prevention Agencies such as Hunter and CIFAS. Your cover details may be added to the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register, run by the Insurance Database Services Ltd and the Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register, run by the Association of British Insurers. It is a condition of your policy that you must tell us about any incident (such as accident or theft) whether or not it gives rise to a claim as soon as possible. Yellow Jersey will pass information relating to it on to these Agencies. If you or anyone acting on your behalf gives us false or inaccurate information and Yellow Jersey suspect fraud, all benefits under this Theft Protection Cover will be void. The matter will be recorded with the above Agencies and pursued in accordance with the law. Yellow Jersey may share information about you with their associated and subsidiary companies. Other organisations may also use and search these records in their effort to combat fraud and undertake credit searches.

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