E-Bike Bundle - X1 and CORE Plus 100

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Not sure about the best lock for your e-bike? Our e-bike bundle will take care of business. This Sold Secure diamond rated bundle is ideal for keeping your e-bike secure at home or on the go.

The 100cm LITELOK Core Plus is flexible, wearable and perfect for securing one or more e-bikes. Wear it whilst riding and mount the LITELOK X1 on your frame or pop it in a bag to double up on security. Use when you’re out and about, at home, or when transporting your bike.

With this bundle you can lock through your frame and wheels to secure the whole bike without the hassle of carrying heavy, awkward locks. An ideal investment for keeping your high value bike safe, even when you’re on the move.

  • LITELOK Core Plus 100 fits waist sizes from 42" (108cm) - 54"(136cm) and weighs 2.25kg
  • LITELOK X1 is angle grinder resistant, reflective, easy to carry and weighs 1.7kg
  • This bundle is ideal for high value bikes, e-bikes and those needing insurance approved locks
  • LITELOK Core Plus 100 and LITELOK X1 are both Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond

Please note: Any discounts shown on bundle products are on the non-X1 item.

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