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LITELOK® WrapStraps


LITELOK® WrapStraps

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WrapStraps are intended to be left on your bike, giving you a quick way to securely hold and remove your Litelok Gold from your bike. Liteloks already come with WrapStraps but if you want to buy more you can! It's often useful to have spares. Included in the purchase are 2x hook & loop WrapStraps for fixing your Litelok to your bicycle frame.

This video demonstrates how to use WrapStraps properly. 

About Litelok Gold

Litelok Gold is the world’s lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold bike lock. Invented by Prof. Neil Barron, a former Aeronautical Engineer, designer and keen cyclist. Litelok Gold is made from a patented composite called Boaflexicore, comprising of layers of innovative, light (but tough) materials. Each layer adds protection, making Litelok Gold incredibly difficult to cut. Litelok Gold was awarded Best Bike Lock by Cycling Plus (foldable category).

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