The worlds lightest, flexible, insurance rated bike locks

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Silver > Bicycles & eBikes

Flexi O

Litelok Silver is the world’s lightest insurance rated bike lock range ever made. 

Flexi U

Litelok Silver Flexi U is the world’s first insurance rated, flexible U lock.

Gold > Bicycles & eBikes


Starting at 1.1 kg (2.4 lb), this is the lightest, flexible, Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock in the world.


Litelok Gold Wearable is our range of longer locks that can be safely worn around your hips when cycling.



Litelok Gold Moto is considerably lighter than any other Sold Secure Gold Motorcycle lock on the market, weighing just 1.46 Kg.

Premium lightweight bike locks

I am Professor Neil Barron, the founder and inventor of Litelok, a former Aeronautical Engineer (Rolls-Royce aero engines), designer and keen cyclist. After having several bicycles stolen on the streets of London, and fed up with having to carry around heavy bike locks, I thought there must be a way to create a high-security, lightweight bike lock. Many cyclists I spoke to agreed that it didn’t seem right that as bicycles were getting lighter and lighter, secure bike locks were getting heavier and heavier.

Prof. Neil Barron
Founder & CEO of Litelok®

Litelok In The Press

Litelok is the most innovative design we’ve seen in years.

The Litelok does what all good bike locks should do: it makes thieves think twice about trying to steal your bicycle.

A very secure, Sold Secure Gold rated bicycle lock that doesn’t weigh a ton and is more flexible than a D-lock.