LITELOK saves bike in Hamburg, Germany

15 June 2021 2:17 pm

We were recently tagged in an Instagram post by Anni, a LITELOK ONE Customer living in Hamburg, Germany, saying how awesome her LITELOK was as it had survived a theft attempt and saved her bike. We got in touch to find out more.

Anni had secured her bike to a street sign outside her apartment building, leaving it unattended throughout the night. In the early hours of the morning, a thief tried to cut her LITELOK in order to steal her bike. Anni said;

 “My neighbour actually saw the thief trying to break my lock since she woke up to the very loud metallic sound around 3am, and has her window facing the road. She first thought it was me since it was pretty dark outside, but after watching him for around 5 minutes she realized that something was wrong. At that point the thief gave up and left, I guess she would have called the police otherwise.”

It was difficult for her neighbour to tell what kind of tool the thief was using, but did state that it was quite large. Anni went on to describe her area as having a huge problem with bike crime. She’d previously had two bikes stolen, one from outside Hamburg station, and another in the exact same spot as this theft attempt.

LITELOK ONE saves bike in Germany

It was following a recommendation from a former colleague who is very passionate about bikes, that Anni bought herself a LITELOK.  Since, she’s had no worries about securing her bike outside throughout the night thanks to the peace of mind her LITELOK has given her.