LITELOK Stops Theft in Montreal #6

LITELOK Stops Theft in Montreal #6

Britta from Montreal, Canada got in touch with us to share her husbands story of an attempted bike theft. 

This is their story.

"I just wanted to share what happened yesterday with you and give you a big hug... A few years ago my husband had a rather nice bike stolen so I started researching bike locks. I came across Litelok and from all the rave reviews and what looked like amazing products I bought my husband a GO Flexi-O.

He rides his new rather nice bike to work (and all over Montreal) everyday and has to, unfortunately, lock it up outside. When he came out after work yesterday he discovered that someone had tried to steal his bike, the cable was cut and gone but there, still firmly attached, was the Litelok, slightly charred and melted from the angle grinder that was probably used, but otherwise still intact.

Thank you for making such reliable and well designed products. I will now be purchasing another lock to go with the first one and to replace the gone cable. Just thought you should know how much I, and my husband, appreciate your locks : ) Big hugs to all of you."

We can't say for sure what was used to try break the Litelok GO Flexi-O, but it survived the method used on the other locks on the bike. If you are looking for an angle grinder resistant lock, we would recommend our X range locks for locations of high risk. 


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