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LITELOK X1 Saves Electric Bike in Hackney #20

LITELOK X1 Saves Electric Bike in Hackney #20

Sam experienced an attempted theft of his bike in Upper Clapton Hackney. The LITELOK X1 saved the £4,000 Moustache Lundi 27.5 electric bike. 

  "My Litelok X1 did a brilliant job of deterring thieves over the weekend"

"That bike is my pride and joy"

"I went to meet friends for dinner in Upper Clapton in Hackney, arriving around 7.30 pm locked my bike to the railing outside the Crooked Billet pub.

Had a nice meal and a few drinks before leaving around 10 pm to find that my bike and lock had been targeted specifically by what I imagine were organised thieves (probably because if its high value) with a lot of other bikes, including my friends who have far less secure locks left alone.

They had got quite far through the lock but gave up. I knew that the Liteloks were good, but it really made me feel that my initial investment was more than worth it, what an incredible piece of kit."

 For added security we would recommend following a multi layered locking approach. The LITELOK Supreme E-Bike Bundle is perfect for premium bicycles, electric bikes, and individuals requiring locks approved by insurance.

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