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LITELOK X3 Saves £15,000 Motorcycle #14

LITELOK X3 Saves £15,000 Motorcycle #14

Aled got in touch with us to share his experience with an attempted theft of his motorcycle in Mitcham, London. Thanks to the LITELOK X3, his bike was safeguarded and secure!

"I have had this parked here for approximately 6 months and never had issue as the bike is used for commuting so is only really there on weekends and overnight"

"Living in South London I've often been aware you can't have nice things. As soon as this lock was available for pre-order of course I purchased it, especially considering the area I live. I had always hoped it wouldn't be needed. But last night it was needed for the first time.

Attending my bike this morning I noticed black rubber debris on my driveway. Lifting up my motorcycle cover to be treated to the images below. I'm not sure if it was an angle grinder or not but someone had attempted to get it off and clearly failed.

Unfortunately a neighbour wasn't as fortunate as his motorbike had been taken. The lock still works exactly as it did when I bought it!

I definitely need to invest in another now for the front wheel too." 

For any riders in high risk areas, we would recommend a LITELOK X3 or a LITELOK X1

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