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LITELOK X3 Saves Bikes on Rugby World Cup Tour #7

LITELOK X3 Saves Bikes on Rugby World Cup Tour #7

Julie reached out to us to share her story on an attempted theft of her bikes whilst travelling in their motorhome around France. 

"I bought two X3 locks for our e-bikes from you after we had two stolen (worth £4500 ). Travelling around France following Wales in motorhome for rugby World Cup - in Nice for weekend - someone tried to grind through. NO CHANCE! Top product, thank you."

"They tried to cut it off the bike carrier on the back of the van, which we had Litelocked the bikes to."

We understand bike thieves use a variety of tools to try get through bike locks. To enhance the security of your valuable bicycle, we highly recommend considering our X series of locks.

Both the X3 and X1 models have been meticulously designed to withstand attempts by even the most determined thieves armed with angle grinders, offering you a formidable deterrent against theft.

Your bike's safety is our priority.


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