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LITELOK X3 Saves BMW GS in London #15

LITELOK X3 Saves BMW GS in London #15

John got in contact with us to share his experience with an attempted theft of his GS in North London at 03:14AM. 

"I recently received my X3. Not a moment too soon as last night thieves attempted to steal my GS."

They cut a 19mm chain, cut a flexible lock, and cut the front disc to remove the disc lock, but had 2 unsuccessful attempts at the Litelok X3.

That was "before we heard them and they ran - or rather rode off."

"Bike was covered, has DataTag, on front drive, blocked in by car and fence panel & bins."

"Litelok X3 2 attempts, didn’t get far, but were interrupted - we finally woke up and they bailed, probably realised the police were being called as I was on the phone as I went out of the door…"

"All this took 14 minutes including breaking a fence panel and shifting 2 bins which were cable locked to get to the bike - we’d had what was clearly a scouting visit on the 5th, so I thought I’d try to make things a bit more difficult - but they nearly succeeded. We are light sleepers but still only heard them directly outside after all that time. Both visits on camera, 4 males, 2 bikes. One had a London accent. Just missed getting a plate, but probably stolen/cloned anyhow, I guess…"

"Takeaway - Litelok X3 seems a good bet, the others were useless, will use 2 x X3s now… plus some other stuff even when away from home - and maybe have the dog sleep with the bike, or just keep it elsewhere as I’m lucky to have the option - a bit inconvenient but better than the alternative."



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