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Litelok Gold is the world’s lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold bike lock. Invented by Prof. Neil Barron, a former Aeronautical Engineer (Rolls-Royce aero engines), designer and avid cyclist. Neil came up with the lightweight bike lock idea after having many of his own bikes stolen in London. 

Litelok has been thoroughly tested by us, and independently tested by Sold Secure, achieving their highest possible security rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Gold. Read more about testing. Liteloks have proven themselves on the streets too. Read here how a customer in New York City almost had his bicycle stolen, but didn’t, thanks to his Litelok bike lock. The bike thief simply could not break it. 

Litelok Gold is made from a patented composite called Boaflexicore. It is comprised of layers of innovative, light (but strong) materials, keeping Litelok lightweight. Each layer adds additional protection meaning it can withstand sustained attack from common theft tools to the highest level. Read more about us or see our videos and images.

Litelok Gold was awarded the Best Bike Lock by Cycling Plus (foldable category) and also won Best Cycling Innovation at the London Cycling Awards.

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