Twin Litelok Gold Moto 108

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Twin Litelok Gold Moto 108 is a pair of lightweight Gold-rated motorcycle locks that are incredibly portable, easy to use and easy to carry. It’s the perfect lightweight motorbike lock for when you’re out and about, giving you peace of mind.

It comes as a multi-pack of two Liteloks which operate from the same unique set of keys. The two Liteloks can be used separately for double security, or joined together for double length.


Liteloks have been thoroughly tested by us, and independently tested by Sold Secure, the world-class certification house, achieving a high security rating of Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold. It can withstand sustained attack from common theft tools to the highest level, including attacks using bolt cutters, crowbars and hacksaws.

Many motorcycle insurers will reduce your insurance premium if a Sold Secure rated motorbike lock is used to secure your vehicle.

It complements a disc lock and is much lighter than a chain! It's the best motorbike lock for when you're on the go.


  • 2 x Litelok Gold Moto 108 locks operating from the same unique key
  • 6 x Keys
  • 4 x hook & loop WrapStraps for coiling the locks
  • 2 x Soft removable and washable neoprene skins (already affixed)
  • 1 x Lightweight drawstring carry bag


The casings are made of drill resistant hardened alloy steel, with marine grade stainless steel rivets. The strap is made of a patented composite material, Boaflexicore, which contains a high tensile alloy and polymer matrix.


There are many ways to carry your Twin Litelok Gold Moto 108 locks:

  • inside your top box or panniers
  • coiled and carried inside your tank bag
  • coiled and carried inside your rucksack


For each Litelok:



Locking Circumference





1.46 Kg

(3.21 lb)

107.5 cm

(42.3 in)

103.5 cm

(40.7 in)

6.5 cm 

(2.5 in)

5 cm 

(1.9 in)



Ron E


The Litelok moto lock is so much better than my old, heavy chain!

"Absolutely love this lock! It's so lightweight compared to my chain. Great lock for when you're on the go. It coils up nicely, easy to carry in my rucksack. And it's made in Britain!"

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*The cost will depend on whether you purchase a Litelok Silver or Litelok Gold (or multiples of).

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Country / Region
1 - 2 Liteloks
Canada / RoW
$ 20.00 - $ 26.00
3 - 4 Liteloks
Canada / RoW
$ 26.00 - $ 39.00
5+ Liteloks
Canada / RoW


Made from tough stuff

Litelok Gold

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