Ultimate Touring Bundle - X3 Moto and ONE Moto

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The last thing you’re likely to want whilst touring is to worry about awkward security measures. We’ve bundled our X3 with the One Moto lock to provide security with no compromise. This bundle is lightweight, functional and effective, the ideal duo for touring.

Use the X3 Moto to secure your front or rear wheel to prevent your bike from being wheeled away. Paired with the One Moto, you have the option to lock your bike to a wider range of fixed objects. Weighing only 1.5kg, the One Moto is easy to transport, combined with the X3, this bundle is great for security on the go.

  • LITELOK X3 is easily carried in a rucksack, stored in your panniers, X-Pouch, or strapped to your rack
  • LITELOK X3 Moto is Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond and One Moto is Motor Scooter Silver
  • This bundle is ideal for scooter and motorcycles for protection whilst travelling
  • LITELOK X3 is an angle grinder resistant motorcycle lock weighing only 2.1kg

Please note: Our security bundles are not keyed alike.

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LITELOK X3 currently has a dispatch lead time of approximately 30 days.

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